It is in front of you to remind you of your faith that results  in hope. Each of us, as the text above says, has that potential to come out in the moments of crises, but it is necessary to believe in it enough times to become useful. It is necessary to awaken the spiritality in ourself, we just have to remind ourself of the possibility that        " we can if we believe we can "! ( N.W.Peale )

The reminder is in the shape of monolith that symbolises new begining, evolution, tehnical improvement, peace and tolerance. Ring is embodiment of perfection, symbol of perfect connection of fallen in love with no begin and end, simbol of the sun, the moon, the earth and the whole universe.


The specialty of this product is that it possesses its own unique personality. And it declares the fact that each part has its own background story and it is recognized by it.
It is to be pointed out and it must not be forgotten that the product is hand made, it means it is made using classical methods of manufacturing and decorating details. The product itself has special meaning that is described in details in the site.
You must have “spiritual reminder” because it symbolizes the new beginning and it is the embodiment of the perfection.
“Let it be up to your faith”…  ( Mathew 9: 28, 29 )

Order the one or more patterns to the unique, low price!
When the price of the “spiritual reminder” was decided upon it was concluded that it covered only the expenses of production and sending.